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In the days before television most towns and cities had centres for entertainment. You could catch the tram to the centre of town and go and see your favourite stars of stage, music hall and screen or have a game of billiards or snooker in the many clubs which provided the good quality table and smokey atmosphere needed.

In the early days, the films were silent and were accompanied by descriptive piano music played by a pianist at the side of the screen, watching the action and interpreting the mood with some improvisation. During the second world war the cinema was the place to get away from reality for a few hours and catch the latest from Holywood or Ealing. Many a young hopeful would try to emulate the billiards and snooker skills of the top players of the day.

With the advent of television many of these venues closed or were converted to bingo halls, supermarkets, pubs or demolished in urban renewal schemes. Thankfully there are still many buildings surviving that give us a taste of past eras from Victorian through Edwardian to Art Deco.
Some of my sightings from around the country can be seen in the Galleries.

I would greatly appreciate any pictures from all areas to add to this collection.