Sunday, 13 Jun 2021

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We've decided it's time for a new website and a change of design.  All the content from the old website is still here plus a few added extras but there is so much more to be done and quite frankly, the old system wasn't doing the business.

For the new website I'm using the Joomla content management system which means I can add a 'proper' picture library complete with downloading and geo-tagging plus sounds and movies. I can even write an occasional newsletter and have registered members.  Best of all I can manage it without the need for software and maintain it from anywhere that has internet access.

However, I am still learning the ropes and for something as comprehensive as Joomla there's a lot to learn so please be patient.  It will be well worth the effort (and the patience) and I hope eventually to be able to enlist the help of others to make it a website worthy of note.  In the meanwhile if you see something that isn't working properly or something missing, please let me know so I can put it right.

Thank you for visiting and do come back again sooon.



Your Intrepid Webmaster

Welcome to 2010, the weather has been snowy and icy but your intrepid contributor has been out and about collecting more pictures, pausing only for a quick nip from the hip flask and a tasty all day breakfast from a nearby "greasy spoon".